Tetiana Zahorodniuk

Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Social and Political Processes, Institute of Sociology NAS of Ukraine

(044) 255-60-84
Scientific degree:
PhD in Sociology (22.00.01 - Theory and History of Sociology), Institute of Sociology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2013.
Tetiana Zahorodniuk


Zagorodniuk, T. Conceptions of Post-Soviet Transformation of Society by T.I.Zaslavskaya and N.V.Panina. Kyiv: Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, 2013. 164 p. (in Russian)

Zahorodniuk T. Transformation of Russian and Ukrainian Society in the Conceptions of T.I. Zaslavskaia and N.V. Panina: A Comparative Analysis // Ukrainian Sociological Rewiew 2012-2013. Kyiv: Institute of Sociology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2015. P.116–135.

Biographical information

Tуtiana Zagorodniuk graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Technology with a degree in Economics and Organization of Industry. She has worked at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1988 in the Department of Scientific Information of the Social Sciences Section. She has been working at the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine since 1991.

Research interests: history and theory of sociology, social psychology, social transformations