Stegnii Oleksandr

Leading researcher of Department of methodology and methods of sociology of Institute of Sociology, UNAS

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Stegnii Oleksandr


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Biographical information

In 1985 graduated from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, specializing in "historian, teacher of history and social science".

In 1990, at Uzhgorod State University, defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic "The struggle of progressive youth organizations of the Federal Republic of Germany for the social and economic rights of working and student youth (the second half of the 70's - the middle of the 80's)" with the award of the degree of andidate of historical sciences. In 2003, at the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Institutionalization of ecological interests in society of sociogenic risks" with the awarding of the degree of doctor of sociological sciences in specialty 22.00.04 - special and branch sociology. In the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has been working since 1998. At the moment is a leading researcher in the department of history, theory and methodology of sociology. Chairman of the Research Committee on  Environmental Sociology of the Sociological Association of Ukraine (since 2007). Member of the Research Committee 24 "Society and the Environment" of the International Sociological Association (since 2008). Participant in many international scientific sociological projects, among them:

International Project “New regional Environment Center(s) for Countries beyond the Mandate of the REC Budapest”, conducted by Regional Environmental Center of Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest particularly in Ukraine, Moldova Russia. (May– August 1995); Project “Regions in Ukraine: Dynamics, Movements and Politics”, sponsored by INTAS, July 1995 – December 1997; International Project “The International Environmental Monitor. Global Public Opinion on the Environment”. One took part in the research tools development, manages the survey in Ukraine and prepared the analytical reference. December 1996 – March 1997; Preparing of Questionnaire and Analytical Report for Environmental Issues of  nternational Survey “Millennium Survey” conducted in September-October 1999 under coordination of Gallup International Association. Web-site:; International Project “The Comparative Analysis of Charismatic Political Leadership in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: its emergence, mobilization and sustainability” sponsored by INTAS, May 2000 — May 2002.; ESRC founded Project “Europeanising or Securitising the Outsiders? Assessing the EU’s partnership-building approach with Eastern Europe” (RES-061- 25-0001), (2008-2009); National Project “Integrating Rio Conventions Provisions into Ukraine’s National Policy Framework”. GEF/UNDP A baseline survey of government staff’s and public awareness of Rio Conventions. (April - December 2014).

Sphere of scientific interests: sociology of the environment; sociology of public opinion; methodology of sociology.