Department of Social and Political Processes

Department of Social and Political Processes

Short information about the Department:

The present staff of Department of social and political processes has worked since 2006. The department for 2019 was headed by Oleksandr Vishniak (1956–2019). Since April 15, 2019 the department is headed by Oleksandr Reznik. Iryna Bekeshkina (1952–2020) worked in the department for many years.
The department does research on the problems of Ukraine's political system, the formation of the political culture of the population, characteristics of citizen's behavior during the elections, the development of democracy.

Head of the Department – Oleksandr Reznik, Doctor of Sociology.

The Department staff:

  1. Oleksandr Rakhmanov – Doctor of Sociology, Leading Research Fellow;
  2. Andriy Gorbachyk – Leading Research Fellow, PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences;
  3. Oleg Kozlovskiy – Senior Research Fellow, PhD;
  4. Tetiana Zahorodniuk – Senior Research Fellow, Sociology;
  5. Olha Burova – Senior Research Fellow, Sociology;
  6. Dmytro Hlomozda – Junior Researcher, PhD in Technical Science;
  7. Iryna Danyliuk – leading software engineer;
  8. Olena Sokolova – leading sociologist;
  9. Liliya Minenko – Sociologist;
  10. Yuliya Hetman – Postgraduate student.

Research Projects:

  • “Populist orientations of citizens in a transitional society: peculiarities of manifestation and factors of formation“ (2022–2024).
  • “Factors of Citizens’ Attitude to State Power: A Sociological Analysis” (2020–2021).
  • "Trends and Major Factors of Changes in the Party System of Ukraine in the Years of Independence", (2017–2019).
  • "Regional Factors of Political Consciousness and Behavior of Citizens of Modern Ukraine", (2015–2017).
  • "Electoral Behavior: Changes in Trends in the Years of Independence", (2012–2014).
  • "Sociological Monitoring of the Political System of Ukraine in the 21st century: Methodology and Results", (2009–2011).