Department of the Methodology and Methods of Sociology

Department phones :
(44) 253-05-80, 255-60-65
Room number:
301, 302, 313
Department of the Methodology and Methods of Sociology

Brief information

In April 2012, Department of the History, Theory and Methodology of Sociology was reorganized and divided into two separate departments. The Department of the Methodology and Methods of Sociology is headed by Yevhen Golovakha, Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy.

The Department  s research interests are focused on the following aspects:

  • study of the methodological bases for monitoring surveys at the regional, national and international levels;

  • development of the theoretical and methodological principles for research of the present-day social phenomena;

  • study of the methodological principles for realization of comparative studies;

  • validation of measurement scales used in sociological studies;

  • adaptation of existing measuring instruments and development of the new ones for public opinion surveys in a transforming society.

The Department's members are continuing to develop the system of statistical indicators (indices) for the large-scale monitoring surveys. This work was started by an outstanding Ukrainian sociologist and methodologist Nataliia Panina.

Head of Department: Yevhen Golovakha – Professor, Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy.

Research Fellows :

  1. Oleksandr Stehnii – Leading Research Fellow, Doctor of Sciences in Sociology

  2. Andrii Horbachyk – Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics

  3. Kateryna Ivashchenko – Research Fellow, Candidate of Sciences in History

  4. Alla Mukhaieva – Junior Research Fellow

  5. Svitlana Ivashchenko– Junior Research Fellow

  6. Tetiana Liubyva – Junior Research Fellow

  7. Serhii Dembyts’kyi – Research Fellow, Doctor of Sciences in Sociology

Technical Stuff :

  1. Olena Parakhons’ka – Sociologist

  2. Oksana Zhuleneva – Leading Sociologist

  3. Olga Maksimenko – Sociologist

Postgraduate students :

  1. Nataliia Otrishchenko

  2. Bohdana Khliapatura


Current Research Topic :

“Development and adaptation of the measuring instruments for public opinion surveys under conditions of transforming society” (3rd quarter 2014 – 2nd quarter 2017, supervisor – Yevhen Golovakha)

International Project Partnership

Representative Office of the World Bank in Ukraine

Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems (THEMIS)

Emmanuel CollegeUniversity of Cambridge

CARIM East ‒ Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration

Graduate Studies in Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University

The College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory, Corvinus University of Budapest

European Social Survey

Centre for Comparative Social Surveys at City University London

State University of New York at Stony Brook