Division of Sociology of Culture and Mass Communications

Division of Sociology of Culture and Mass Communications

Department of sociology of culture and mass communication exists since the establishment of the Institute of sociology of National Academy of science of Ukraine. The first head of department became the prominent Ukrainian sociologist, philosophy doctor, Professor Anatoliy Ruchka. Since 2007 the department has been chaired by Professor Natalia Kostenko, PhD.

The department focuses at comprehensive research of social and cultural development, using quantitative and qualitative analysis of sociological data. Since the nineties the staff of the department studies social and cultural differentiation of the modern Ukrainian society, that provides a controversial influence on the social transformation, being impacted by the structural

and status determination, global and local cultural factors, i.a. groups' and individual cultural preferences. Personal involvement into culture is researched through demographic and status features in accordance with values and meanings as well as subcultural segmentation of the population, cultural identities and media consumption typologies, social and cultural dynamics of the last decades. The department carries over the extra-curricular researches aimed at the values domain, modern media, communication and cultural practices, cooperates with cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations, represents its research results through mass media.

“Ukrainian citizens'participation in culture: values and meanings orientation and modern practices” (1 q. 2015.– IV q. 2017.). Head – Ph. D, professor. N. Kostenko.

“The dynamics of cultural and social processes in Ukrainian society” (І q. 2012 – IV q.

2014). Head – Ph. D, professor. N. Kostenko.

“Meanings' production and translation in a multicultural society” (І q. 2009.– IV q. 2011). Head – Ph. D. N. Kostenko.

“Modern Ukraine's subcultures: specifics, reproduction, accommodation” (I q. 2006 - IV

кв. 2007q.). Head – Ph.D, Professor A.Ruchka.

“Mass media as a sources of political and cultural orientation of the population in the conditions of democratic transition” (I q. 2004 . - IV q. 2005.). Head - Ph.D, Professor A.Ruchka.

“Social and cultural differentiation of the modern Ukrainian society: criteria, mechanisms,consequences” (I q. 2001. - IV q. 2003.). Head - Ph.D, Professor A.Ruchka.

“Identity legitimation on the multicultural domain of the modern society” (I q. 1998 р. - IV q. 2000 р.). Head - Ph.D, Professor A.Ruchka.

“Development of cultural communicative orientations of Ukraine's population in the conditions of the society's system transition" (I q 1993 - IV q. 1997 .). Head - Ph.D, Professor A.Ruchka.

Department's staff:

  1.  Nataliya Kostenko – Head of Department, Ph.D sociology, professor
  2. Anatoliy Ruchka – leading researcher, Ph.D, professor
  3. Raisa Shulga – leading researcher, Ph.D.
  4. Viktor Burlatchuk - Doctor of Science in Sociology, Professor, Leading Research Fellow
  5. Lyudmila Skokova – senior researcher, Ph.D.sociology, docent
  6. Marta Naumova – senior researcher, Ph.D.sociology, docent
  7. Kateryna Tiaglo – junior researcher, Ph.D.sociology
  8. Natalia Otenko – sociologist I category

Ph. D. students

Gannna Girnyk

Ivan Galenda


Department's Scientific Publications

Collective monographs

Meanings'morphology of the society / Edited by N. Kostenko. – K.: IS NAS Ukraine, 2012 (in Ukrainian). download

Subcultural variations of Ukrainian society/ Edited by N. Kostenko, A.Ruchka. – К.: – K.: IS NAS Ukraine, 2010. (in Ukrainian). download

Media. Democracy. Culture / Edited by N. Kostenko,A.Ruchka. – К.: – K.: IS NAS Ukraine, 2008. (in Ukrainian).

[Content] [Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3], [ Bibliography]

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N. Kostenko, V. Ivanov. Content analysis experiences, models and practices. – К.:Free Press centre, 2003. – 200 p. (in Ukrainian). download.

Media at elections: between the politics and culture (political press content analysis) / Edited by N. Kostenko. – K.: – K.: IS NAS Ukraine, 1999. ( in Russian)

No trust society / Edited byY. Golovakha, N. Kostenko, S. Makeyev. – К.: – K.: IS NAS Ukraine, 1998. (in Russian)


Qualitative research in sociological practices: [manual]; editors N. Kostenko, L. Skokova. – K.: Institute of Sociology NAS Ukraine, 2009. ( in Ukrainian). download

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Individial publications

A.Ruchka . Values analysis in the system of sociological knowledge. – K. : Naukova Dumka, 1987. (in Russian)

N. Kostenko . Values and Symbos in Mass Communication. – K. : Naukova Dumka, 1993. (in Russian)

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M. Naumova. Social knowledge: conceptualization experience K.: Institute of Sociology NAS, 1999. (in Russian)

The department performs scientific monitoring programmes:

“Axio monitoring” (since 1991); Head – Ph.D, Professor, Anatoliy Ruchka.

“Ukraine's population participation in the cultural life monitoring” (since 1994 ). Chaired by – Anatoliy Ruchka Ph.D, Professor, and Lyudmila Skokova, senior researcher, Ph.D.sociology, docent.

“ Political news monitoring for the leading Ukrainian TV- channels – jointly with Ukrainian” Press academy (since 2003.). Chaired by Ph.D sociology N. Kostenko, Ph.D philology professor A. Ivanov (UPA).

Cooperation with foreign research centres, foreign publications

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