Department of Social Expertise

Department tel.:
(044) 255-75-41; 255-76-79.
Room numbers:
305, 316.
Department of Social Expertise

Brief Information about the Department.

The Department of Social Expertise (former Department of Social Programs and Projects Methodology, up to June 1996) was established in November 1991.

As for December 2013, the department consists of 11 scientists, including a 2 Doctors of Sciences and 5 Candidates of Sciences.

The main research directions are the following: to develop a concept of social indicator system; to develop a concept of independent expert board as an institution of civil society; concept approaches to social policy development in Ukraine; social after-effects of the Chernobyl accident.

Since the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine was established, the Department of Social Expertise has studied: methodology and methods of social expertise, monitoring on social and psychological after-effects of the Chernobyl accident; levels of humanitarian development; social policy, social defense, levels of poverty; systems of social indicators.

Department Director – Mr. Yuriy Sayenko, Doctor of Economy, Professor

Research Fellows of the Department:

Mrs. Lidia Amdjadeen, Leading Sociologist

Mrs. Amjadeen Liudmyla, Sociologist

Mrs. Inna Goliuk, Sociologist

Mr. Olexandr Goncharuk, Senior Scientific Fellow, Candidate of Sociological Sciences

Mrs. Olexandra Goncharuk, Leading Sociologists

Mr. Volodymyr Poddubny, Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Philosophy

Mr. Yuriy Pryvalov, Senior Research Fellow Candidate of Philosophy

Mr. Sapielkin Yuri, Leading Sociologist, Candidate of Sociological Sciences

Mrs. Trogymenko Olesia, Leading Sociologist

Mrs. Ghulbarshyn Chepurko, Senior Research Fellow, Doctor of Sociological Sciences.


Current Scientific Topic

Regulative functions of social capital in transient process of Ukraine

Research Projects Conducted by the Department:

  1. Methodology and Methods of Social Expertise Related to All-National and Regional Programs and Projects (1993-1995);

  2. Methodological Aspects of Expert Assessment on Social Policy Development and Implementation in Ukraine (1996-1998);

  3. Concept of National Board of Independent Experts as an Institution of Civil Society (1999);

  4. National System of Social Indicators in Ukraine (1999-2000);

  5. Development of Integral Expert Assessment (2001); and other.