Department of Economic Sociology

Department phone:
(044) 255-75-16
302, 307, 308.

The Department of Economic Sociology was set up as part of the Institute of Sociology in 1990.

Nature of R esearch :

All department’s scientists are actively engaged in research, which has resulted in the publication of significant numbers of books, articles and reports in different fields of economic sociology. Studies have been conducted onsocial and economic issues in modern Ukrainian society, social aspects of the national economic transformation and other areas in the field.

The Department has fulfilled several research projects during recent years, including:

· entrepreneurial activity and social mechanisms of privatization in Ukraine;

· socio-economic behavior in different segments of the population;

· quality of life and the economic culture of Ukraine population;

· globalization and Ukraine's entrance into the global socio-economic space;

· the impacts and consequences of the world financial and economic crisis;

· the social potential for innovative development of the economy of Ukraine.


Head of Department: Tatiana Petrushina, Doctor of Science in Sociology

Department Members:

1. Anatoly Arseenko, Candidate of History, Leading Research Fellow.

2. Igor Burov, Candidate of Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow.

3. Vitalina Butkalyuk, Candidate of Sociology, Research Fellow.

4. Valeriy Vorona, Akademician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute of Sociology.

5. Victoria Smakota, Candidate of Sociology, Senior Research Fellow.

6. Natalia Tolstykh, Candidate of Sociology, Senior Research Fellow,

7. Olena Ivanenko – Candidate of Science in Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow.