Serhii Dembitskyi

PhD in sociology, Senior research fellow, department of methodology and methods of sociology, Institute of sociology NAS of Ukraine

Serhii Dembitskyi


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Biographical information

Serhii Dembitskyi has a master’s degree in social work (University «Ukraine», 2006) and a PhD in sociology (Institute of Sociology NAS of Ukraine, 2011). Theme of his PhD thesis is «Theoretical validation in sociological research: methodology and methods». At the moment Serhii Dembitskyi is working on doctoral thesis «Development and validation of sociological tests: methodology and practical applications».

Sphere of scientific interests: the quality of sociological data, mixed methods research, development and validation of sociological scales and indices, sociological study of individual well-being (psychological distress, social well-being) and political consciousness (political culture, geopolitical orientations).