• 68% граждан Украины считают демократию лучшим политических устройством для любого современного государства
  • Более 50% граждан Украины считают, что их жизнь больше зависит от внешних обстоятельств, чем от них самих
  • 44% респондентов считают, что Украине не нужна многопартийная система
  • 74% респондентов считают, что развитие украинского государства и экономики невозможно без развития науки
  • 50% украинцев хотели бы жить, как живут люди в современных цивилизованных странах
  • По мнению украинцев, наиболее дружественными Украине странами являются Польша (54%), Грузия (47%) и Беларусь (46%)
  • 63% опрошенных высказались против разрешения купли-продажи земли
Higher School of Sociology
Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine Registered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
110334 of 10 October, 2000

Shovkovychna Street 12, 01021, Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.:(380 44) 291-60-56, 291-51-07; fax: (380 44) 291-56-96
mail: "i-soc@i-soc.org.ua

Higher School of Sociology, the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, was founded in October 2000, it has a license of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine for training specialists (of various levels) in theoretical and applied sociological sciences.

Higher School of Sociology was established on the basis of the Institute of Sociology of the NAS because the scientific and methodological researches of the Institute have played a big role in the national sociological knowledge development: scientists of the Institute published over 30 textbooks and manuals, reference books, dictionaries for research fellows, students, teachers, governmental employees and sociologists. In the Institute, there are conducted training courses for teachers of higher schools and specialized practice courses for students. There was established the Institute department at the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

According to the main idea of Higher School of Sociology, Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, its educational and research activity has to correspond to the following directions:

  • political marketing and electoral technology;
  • technology of sociological research, forms and methods of modern computer technologies;
  • sociological researches on public opinion;
  • computer software of sociological researches;
  • sociological history and methodology;
  • courses on applied and theoretical sociology for teachers;
  • marketing, sociology of market and advertising;

Higher School of Sociology, Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, also offers the courses specially worked out according to individual programs:

  • preparation for entering the post-graduate school or Doctor of Science School at the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine;
  • preparation of scientific work (publication), analytical survey, report;
  • candidate examinations on sociological specialities and history of sociology.


    • library of the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, which boasts the unique collection of specialized literature;
    • a set of scientific and scientifically-methodological literature;
    • psychological and professional testing;
    • scientific and practical consultations on special questions;
    • structural processing of heterogeneous information;
    • data bank of information collected by the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine.

Higher School of Sociology, Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine,

works in accordance with the following principles:

  • to make training as close to the students professional needs as possible;
  • to combine the national intellectual traditions with achievements of Western sociological schools, their studies and research methods;
  • to use advanced educational materials and modern methods (active methods, individual and collective work, work in small (tutor) groups, discussions, scientific and practical seminars, conferences and business games);
  • to correct educational programs taking into account students interests;
  • to develop the scientific motivations of students (to prepare analytical surveys, reports and etc.);
  • to use modern computer software and applications for sociological data analyses.



In the training process, there are used methods of various kinds: lectures, seminars, practical lessons, business games, reviews, consultations, interviews and etc.

The training programs have been worked out by research fellows of the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, who are experienced in teaching at leading Ukrainian universities as well as universities of Western Europe and the USA. The school teaching level meets the international standards on post-graduate professional education and training in various branches of theoretical and practical sociology.

The school teachers are leading research fellows of the Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine.

The sudents, who were successful and met the requirements of educational process in accordance with teaching plans and programs, get the certificates (approved by government) which certify that their owners got the specific knowledge in the corresponding field.

Higher School of Sociology is ready to cooperate on establishment of centre for distance training in sociological education of Ukraine. All educational, scientific, governmental, public and private organizations interested in this work are invited for further cooperation.